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Apr. 25th, 2015

fumi/tatsu chibi


I finally got around to scanning things i had been meaning to for weeks now XD Sorry if the booklet scans are crap, it was hard to scan without bending the binding too much V.V and good thing my mom has such a huge scanner, because the calendar is so big this year *____*

Included are:
-Ebi 2015-2016 Calendar/booklet
-Fumi Johnny's world photo set (1)
-Tatsu winter playzone photo sets (3)
-Noeru winter playzone photo sets (2)


Ebi Calendar 2015-2016 - 22Ebi Booklet 2015 - 2016 - 36Johnny's World 2015 - Fumi - 3Playzone 2015 - Tatsu - 6Playzone 2015 - Noeru - 4


Oct. 19th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi


So for Fumi's birthday (and Matsu's too) I decided to actually scans the new shops that I had!!

Included are:
-Legend Story Pamphlet Offshots - Group, Mixed, Fumi
-Crea 2014 - 4U., Snow Man, MAD, Jr. A
- Playzone 2014 - First set for: Tatsu, Noeru, Kouta
- Ebiza Pamphlet Offshots - Snow Man, IwaFukka
-Random (Papas for Faust, ebiza, then random stage pictures)
Then Plazyone in Nissay and 2014 pamphlet scans (sorry these kind of suck because I was trying not to bend the spine too much)


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Other things I've been up to is yesterday I went into NYC with my mom and we saw the musical If/Then.  It was alright, all the music started to sound the same after a while, and the story was a little bit muddled, but it was really awesome to be able to see Idina Menzel sing live *_____* and i love Anthony Rapp, so it was great to see him in something as well!!  We also went to kinokuniya and checked out the uniqlo.  Overall it was a really fun day!!
On Friday I saw Gone Girl.  That movie was so good *_____* I didn't see the twist coming at the end and i thought everything about it just really worked.

Sep. 21st, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

Ebi Matsuri!!! A.B.C-Z Legend Tour 2014 - Yoyogi - 9/14-9/15

day 1 - outside
So i was lucky enough to go to all three yoyogi shows for ebi's legend tour!!! Honestly, i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to go, but I lucked out in the end!! And since i was going, i was determined to go to all three shows (which left my wallet crying, and me crying for different reasons).  If you're interested, i recorded all three shows, and you can download them if you like.

On Saturday morning, I got up to line up and get goods.  I forget when the line opened, by decided to get there around 10, and then realized the line didn't open until 12, oh well XD  The way they had the line setup was there were three different sections selling different goods, and in the end, I had to go into all three to get all the goods I wanted XD  I pretty much got everything, because, as per usual, once you get up there it's almost like "I NEED THEM ALL".  I decided not to get the Fumi uchiwa, if only because i kept looking at it thinking "iranai".  If only Fumi looked as good on the uchiwa as everyone else did, and he did in EVERYTHING ELSE >.> But i ended up for myself with both tour shirts, pamphlet, fumi photo set, clearfile, group photo set and clearfile, bracelet thing, tote bag, and the bear keychain (again, my wallet was crying)

Concert report ----->Collapse )

Jun. 3rd, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

[REPORT] 4U. Crea - 5/13 (afternoon), 5/14 (afternoon, evening)

 So I've been meaning to write this up now for weeks, but I've been letting my laziness get in the way.  That and I've been busy rereading Dengeki Daisy, which if you haven't read it OMG READ IT.  It's such a great manga, shoujo without really being shoujo and hilarious! Plus the art is really nice X3

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be able to see 4U.'s crea three times this year!!! X3  The first time I went with risakochan and had a blast!! The other two times were solo, but still just as fun :3 (also, my japanese sucks, so sorry for any and all mistake m(_ _)m)

photo 1 copyphoto 2 copyphoto 3

5/13 (afternoon) - Guests: Nakada Hiroki & Shimekake Ryuya

To start out, we were seated in like the 17th row all the way over to the right, really not too bad of seats (not like there is a bad seat there, since the theater is so tiny) To get things started, everyone in the audience was doing the 4U. *clap clap* 4U. *clap clap* call.  Then the lights went down and Takitsuba's Ai wa takaramono starts playing.  They ran out on stage, with the white curtain light up so you can see their silhouette could be seen.  Then they went down the line and did their suki na poses!! But of course now I totally forget what they were, but at the end Matsu tried to do this side stand thing, where you swing your legs over your head to the side so they're like < over you, but he failed and ended up falling over, with the rest of the members laughing at him. Then fukuda goes "4U! Johnny's Ginza!!' which kind of sounded like the intro for pita raji XD

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May. 30th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

[REPORT] Takizawa Kabuki 2014 - 5/5 & 5/6 afternoon Shows

So I had the pleasure of seeing this year's Kabuki on 5/5 (children's day and fukka's birthday) and the afternoon show of 5/6.  I'm not fluent in japanese, so if i misheard or there's any errors, please forgive it m(_ _)m  Plus, there's going to be a DVD too!! I was super excited that I made it to Japan just in time to see Kabuki (even if it was only two times), it is seriously one of my favorite stage plays and I think it's always just so much fun!!! Plus, there's always so much snow children happening, that it makes it that much more awesome!!!  Both days i was on the first floor, first day i was in the last row, kind of center and the second day i was a couple of rows up but all the way to the right.

photo 1photo 2

So this year started out with a book int the center of the stage and all the curtains draped, Goto came out and started playing the violin, as per usual, then this one woman, who was dressed all in blue and did baton twirling, came out and danced around the stage.  Then other women also came out and joined her.  I was slightly disappointed because last year was iwamoto dancing, and sakuma with a  sword cutting down all the drapes, which was super awesome *_____*  Anyway, eventually, i think it was the baton twirling one, opens the book and then crawled inside as it's lit from underneath.  Then it's time for the curtain to drop saying takizawa kabuki, which eventually completely drops revealing the stage with all the juniors!! Snow Man were center.  It was pretty standard kabuki, everyone wearing the blue and silver sleeveless outfits and dancing around, taking turns at the center, until eventually they do that standing back bend thing and tackey appears, and does his flying around thing, only this year he was in a sparkly gold suit D: I was like, waaaaaaaaait because he still had the red cape thing. Eventually snow man disappear and then come back wearing the pink sleeveless outfits outfits.  Really, this is pretty much like every other start to kabuki, just with a gold suit >.>
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May. 25th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi


So i recently did a 2 week vacation to Japan, and bought way to many things >.>;; But i got to see my three favorite groups once again, so it was well worth the hit to my wallet ^^ I am working on writing up reports for the three shows I saw (kabuki, 4U. crea and abc ZA), i will write those up hopefully sooner rather than later >.< And i will probably scan my play zone in nissay pamphlet and maybe the shock and kabuki pamphlets? we'll see.

Anyway, i have some scans from various things, which include:

Abc ZA - Fumi set
Johnny's World offshots - Fumi
Kabuki Stage photos - fukka, iwamoto, kouta, and akiyama taiga
Playzone in Nissay - Noeru
Playzone offshots - noeru, tatsu, and mixed ones
Random papa pictures - 4U. crew, kabuki, abc ZA, etc.
Flyers: Douke, Cherry Boys and Faust
And random other stuff too.


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All in one, as per usual, because I'm lazy DL

Apr. 6th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

Pamphlet Scans

[Boring life update that no one cares about, so just carry on past this]I guess a little bit of a life update? :/a

So last week me and my mom went into New York to see the final show of No Man's Land starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  I had been wanting to see this since I had found out about it, because who wouldn't want to see two legendary actors together?  So we woke up early and drove in, and of course, this is where my mom decided to ask me "why aren't you hanging out with that person anymore?" while we're stuck in the car and have no where to escape to DX So i tried to just give her the spark notes version, because I didn't really want to get into it.  And of course it brought up all sorts of unwanted feelings, but it did become clear that I will never understand how if your alleged best friend is feeling down and sad how ignoring them and not talking to them is being supportive, especially after telling them you wish they would talk to you more. But I guess that's life. When we got in, we went directly to the TKTS line, and saw that it was in there so we waited.  Then we remembered that it has a play only line, so we went and stood there, and were the fifth person in line, so we were feeling pretty good about our chance at getting tickets, until the line opened and the guy in charge of selling the tickets was TOTALLY incompetent.  It took him about 20 minutes to get to us.  He kept saying there were "computer problems" but every time the manager lady would come over, the computer would magically work :/  But, the lady in front of us also bought tickets for the same show, and they said the tickets were partial view.  One time we bought partial view and half the stage was blocked off, and we decided never again.  Well, we decided to ignore that and get tickets anyway XD  In the end, our seats were amazing! We were second row, on the very end, but really the only thing we couldn't see were their feet, and sometimes the chair on stage would get in the way, but other than that, they were perfectly fine.  It was so funny though, when the play starts both of them are on stage, and I was just staring at patrick stewart like "there is something off about you but I don't know what it is and it's bugging me".  It took me like maybe 15 minutes or so to figure out it was because he had hair XD In my entire life, I don't think he's ever had hair, so it threw me off.  The play itself was lots of fun, even if I'm not quite sure I understand what it was about XD;;;;  But overall, I'm really glad we were able to see it.  While we were waiting to buy tickets initially, i was like, "well if we don't get tickets now we can always come back and get tickets for waiting for godot" (the other show they were putting on), and my mom was like "you can hardly stay awake past 8 when we're just sitting at home, what makes you think you can stay away for a play?" >.> XD but totally accurate.  Then on our way out, we got some cheesecake of Juniors *______* so delicious!!! I got a raspberry swirl :Q_____

In other news, I'm almost done with school ^^ I was originally signed up for 4 classes, but decided to drop one because it was just too much, with work and a science class and a language class, i just never felt like i had enough time to actually properly do everything.  And I'm super glad I did, now everything is a lot less stressful. The only thing that sucks, is without that class, I still have one more I need to take before I can graduate, so I'm going to take one over the summer.  I just bit the bullet and will take a subject I don't really want to, mainly because it's a Dr. Richardson class, who is only my favorite professor I've had.  So I figured, I know what to expect, and it's only 4 days, so I can deal.  Then, I only need to write a thesis paper, and I will be all graduated \X3/ Can't wait to finally be done!

Then I guess in other other news, I bought a ticket to Japan for May for two weeks \XD/  I will get to see ebi again ;A; and get to see abc za that I didn't get to see in October T^T plus snow man X3  I really want to try and see 4U.'s crea, but only if I can find reasonably priced tickets (which is seeming impossible right now).  But I'm seriously so excited!!!  FUMI \X3/

So my mom got a brand new printer, because she was getting mad at her other one, and the new one is huge! It both prints and scans large things *____*  I'm already planning on making some pinups for my wall (not that i have the room or anything).  But I figured I would scan all the play zone pamphlets that I have.  Sorry if some pages suck, I was trying to get a decent scan, but not completely ruin my pamphlets, so in other words, I tried XD  Oh! and someone asked if I would scan my ebi calendar, so I did that too. And I also scanned in some new shop photos I got, which include, noeru and keigo kid another stuff, fumi and fukka johnny's world stage photo sets, and fukka and iwamoto abc za offshots
Preview of sortsCollapse )
I was going to put each thing in an individual download things, but I'm lazy so: DL

So there you go. Oh and total random thought, but people who have shop photos: how do you store them?  LIke in a photo book? and how do you sort them? by person? but what about group photos or multiple people in the same group? I've been wondering how other people do this, since mine are separated by people in bags XD;;;;;

Oh and I guess I'll just leave this here, but I got a copy of takitsuba's single, with the 10th anniversary disk on it.  So if anyone wants it who doesn't already have it. Here:
MF .001 .002 .003 .004 .005
ZS .001 .002 .003 .004 .005

Anyway, hope everyone is having a nice day/evening/morning! ^^

Mar. 16th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

Another one bites the dust….

Well somehow I'm on a roll, and basically pushed another person away.  I really am just a complete asshole.  Right now, I feel all these mixed emotions, but mostly the whole experience has just reenforced that I should just not interact with people, as all I do is cause everyone around me sadness and anger.  It really would just be for the best if I just disappeared socially.  I feel like, I'm fine when I am just superficial friends with someone, like talk to them occasionally, maybe hangout out once every couple of months, that type of thing, but anything more and then people just realize I'm not worth it and an asshole.
  LIke even now, a couple of days later, I'm still extremely pissed off.  My mom always taught me that when you apologize you never clarify or add a but. Like saying "sorry, but.." was never acceptable from me growing up. My mom would say "but nothing" because if you have to clarify your apology that means you're not really sorry for what you've done, or feel the full responsibility for it.  So yeah, when I was starting to get victim blamed for someone else's actions, I saw red and got super pissed off, more so than I should have gotten, but I just finally lost it.  After months of having my flaws shoved in my face, I had finally had enough. Then a couple of days later seeing "well, is see how much you care, which i knew you didn't" also pissed me off.  Like, if I didn't care, I would not have put up with the amount of bullshit I did, or tried to work things out, or try to change, or anything.  After one fight I would have just been like, "well that it's" and not really bothered with it again.  Plus, i really did put up with so much shit, and then the one time i finally have had enough, this person just decides that I'm "scary" and "mean" for pretty much reacting the same as that person had every other time we had a fight.  That hardly seems fair.
  And then there's a part of me that just feels guilty, because I did call them out on their bullshit.  I feel like, "you really got too mad, and you really shouldn't have said that" and I should have just kept my mouth shut and accepted the blame, like I have done, and then things would have been fine (you know, until the next time this person stopped talking to me for no real reason).  In the past, I have bitten my tongue on pointing out this person's flaws, because it's a shitty thing to do.  There were so many times when I would be like "well maybe I'll point out all of their flaws and shove it in their face and see how they like it" but I always stopped myself, because just because someone is doing something shitty to you, does not give you the right to do it back.  Hate just creates more hate.  And I forgot this temporarily, and I feel guilty that I betrayed myself like that.  No matter how angry I was, i should have just let it go and drop it.  So really, in the end, everything is all my fault.
  Then I just feel sad for the loss of someone I really cared about.  There is basically a hole where that person should be and it just makes me sad, and adds to the guilt and really makes me feel like I don't deserve anything in my life.  Idk but recently I've just been feeling so blah, and haven't been able to really work up the motivation to do anything, especially anything school related.  It's a miracle I can still force myself to get up and go to work everyday.  I've been feeling fat, like i can't even get into a good rhythm and work out regularly, or really eat properly (i've been eating way too much junk food) and I really get down on myself about that.  I can't even find the enthusiasm to watch fandom stuff, which is usually something I want to do.  I was starting to get excited about maybe going back to Japan in May, because I at least have enough money to buy a plane ticket and was trying to figure out where to stay.  But now I'm wondering what's the point? I guess I really took advantage last summer, because I don't know how to buy tickets to things myself.  And really, I'm just alone anyway, so what the point in anything?

Jan. 31st, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

That's All Folks

So the thing I was most worried about before leaving for Japan, has finally com to fruition: yesterday a friendship died. I guess this was almost a year in the making, so really it's all my fault because I decided to take advantage of a situation and spend my summer in Japan.  So really everything is all my fault, I guess. And, ever since I came back, I kind of feared this would eventually happen, all the warning signs were there, but I guess I was optimistic in thinking that they were all in my head.  And really, for the past two months, I have really known that we were past the point of no return, but even unit the bitter end, I still remained optimistic that some sort of reconciliation would happen.  Even knowing it would probably end this way, seeing the white flag of surrender was still a shock to the system.  I feel like I did the spark notes version of the stages of grieving, over the course of maybe an hour after reading the message I went from ok cool, fuck you --------> crying in the bathroom -------> finally closure, I can move on, and then some combination of all of those things throughout the rest of the day.  Honestly, for a while, it really did feel like a relief, releasing that breath in didn't know I was holding.  Having a one-sided conversation, and even for the past couple of months really a one-sided relationship, wears you out and crushes your soul.  I think, now that I've had a day to think about it, it really just makes me sad that this person decided to chose their bitterness and jealousy over a friendship.  First starting out with her jealousy of me actually being able to go to Japan, when she could not.  Which then transformed into her jealousy that I became good friends with Kiri, which then is the base for everything else that happened after that.

I guess, technically, she only called for a break in the friendship, but that, to me, means it's dead.  I'm sorry that she's chosen to dwell in her own self pity and bitterness, really, to justify being a shitty friend over the past 6 or so months, in particular.  She can say she cares all she wants, but her words are meaningless.  I can say I can fly, and I can keep saying I can fly, but unless I actually show you, you can't really believe it.  And really, fool me once, shame on me, but fool me 10 times, massive shame on me.  I kept wanting to believe the words, but despite her insistence, her actions really proved otherwise.  I don't know what she thought she did to show me of this alleged caringness?  Was it not wanting to hang out until I asked? And then when we would hang out, either texting other people on her phone the whole time or just the general feeling that she didn't actually want to be there and was bored?  Or even barely speaking to me at all, for that matter?  Was it taking at least a week to respond to texts, and at most 2 weeks? Or taking several days after christmas to thank me for the present i got her? Or, my favorite, the day I got back from Japan, she was no where to be seen, and was even in a completely different state.  I guess I can see why she's confused as to why I think she doesn't care one lick about my well being, because clearly she cares a lot. I had actually dared to believe that at this point in time, months after I got back, we would be back to normal, like no time had passed. No such luck.

And, honestly, I'll admit I did one selfish thing, that, even at the time, I admitted was a selfish thing to do. But honestly, i didn't feel comfortable or really wanted in that particular situation, and I just decided to be selfish for once in my life.  Looking back, I guess if I had never gone to Japan, none of this would have happened, but even knowing the outcome, I think I would still chose to go.  Last summer was probably the best summer ever.  I got to experience so many things and meet so many people.  I got to see my three favorite groups, live, in person.  I made a irreplaceable friend in Kiri, and, on top of everything else, I got to learn Japanese, so it was awesome.

But I guess I leave this relationship with no regrets. I, at least, tried to make things work out.  Yes, sometimes I'm abrasive, and say how I'm feeling in a raw way, which I should probably work on, but trying to figure out the *perfect* way to say something is stupid, and you should just say what you think.  I much prefer a raw, hurtful truth, it's more real and honest. And I really prefer it over radio silence, that basically just fans the flames and makes me even more angry.  It's good to be able to say how you feel and not just hold things in. Holding things in is how mole hills turn into mountains.  And really, if you can't just be there for me when I was feeling at my lowest, not even as the best friend you claim to be but just as a friend, then there's something wrong.  I guess I knew from the first day I got back, that I had been replaced and pushed away. And yet I still tried to work things out.  This isn't the first time I've lost a friend or have been phased out by a friend, but I think it's the first time I'm not nearly as sad about the realization, because I really did try.  Every other time, I just ignored the signs and let it happen, so that the end results left me questioning everything.

But this time, I really don't think this was my fault, apart from the choosing to go to Japan part, obviously. If you don't know how to deal with issues that crop up in life, that's a problem.  If even after vocalizing everything that had made you bitter, and I really do understand where she's coming from to a certain degree, and even after I apologized and after dissecting it, you still feel the same bitterness and can't let it go, then there is really nothing I can do about it.  I only have so much patience and forgiveness.  I am an extremely patient person, but everyone has their limits.  And I can only forgive the same offenses so much before it becomes meaningless.  I guess, my philosophy is, when you apologize, you forgive and forget and move on. You don't apologize if you're not willing to bury the hatchet.  I like to think I'm a person of my word, and when I say I'm sorry, I mean it, and when I say it's in the past don't worry about it, I mean that too.  So, after almost a year of being strung along, I guess there is really nothing left for me to do but cut my loses and move on.  Starting with deleting everything out of my phone, contact info, messages, texts, unfriending them on Facebook and tumblr (even if I don't really use either than often), and unfollowing on twitter.  Maybe I'm a bit extreme in this, but I don't need a daily reminder that you're not my friend anymore, and I really just need to move on, i think I deserve that.  Thankfully I'm not alone, I have been relying on Kiri and Megan a lot, and I really appreciate the love they have shown me.  Even random people have come up from the woodwork to make me feel like I'm not totally alone and to show that they care, even if we haven't really talked in a while.  It's a nice change from the past half year.

And so, with writing this, I am letting go of my anger and frustration and moving on.  What's done is done, and it's not going to change, so what's the point in dwelling in it anymore.  Life is too damn short to deal with bullshit.

Jan. 7th, 2014

fumi/tatsu chibi

Scans ^^

Today, on what is perhaps the coldest day I've ever felt (minus last year when I was in Wisconsin), i come bearing some scans that I finally found motivation to do \XD/ Some of these have been sitting on my computer now for a couple of months, since they're rebecca's shops, and I felt like i had to stop holding them hostage and give them back to her u_u And then, the rest are mine that have been sitting on my desk for about a month. Thanks to the ever-lovely Kiri for helping me out and getting all the stuff for me X3 Even the papas with basically a prompt like "For Iwamoto, if you see a picture and you think 'you need to stop' then I probably will want it u_u" and came up aces, it is much appreciated <33

Playzone Stage Photos: Hiroki Kid, The H, and Fukuda
Playzone Offshots: Tatsu (2nd set), Noeru (both), and some mixed shots
ABC ZA '13: Pamphlet Offshots (Fumi, Group), Stage Sets (Fumi, Fukka, Iwamoto), Papa
Dream Boys '13: IwaFukka Stage sets and papas
Another: Keigo Kid and some mixed
Crea '13: Abe, Watanabe, Fukuda, Koshi, Hiroki Kid (both shops and papas)
Then some other random papas ^^

While I was scanning, I somehow started question when I had decided I needed to collect all the keigo kid ever >.> But HIS FACE IS SO DUMB v_v

[Pictures]ABC ZA 13 - Fumi - 3ABC ZA 13 - Offshot - Fumi - 9
ABC ZA 13 - Papa - Fumi - 7ABC ZA 13 - Papa - Mixed - 1

ABC ZA 13 - Papa - Iwamoto - 6ABC ZA 13 - Papa - Fukka - 1Another - Mixed - 3Crea - Live - 4U - Fukuda - 4Crea - Live - 4U - Koshi - 13Dream Boys 13 - Behind - Snow ManDream Boys 13 - Papa - Iwamoto - 3Dream Boys 13 - Papa - Fukka - 1Enbujou 13 - Papa - Snow Man - Abe - 8Enbujou 13 - Papa - Snow Man - Mixed - 5Enbujou 13 - Papa - Snow Man - Watanabe - 3
Playzone13 - Offshots - Mixed - 5Playzone13 - Offshots - Noeru - 11Playzone13 - Offshots - Tatsu - 10

Anyway, download linksy here (all in one, because I am lazy) ----------------> HERE

Hope everyone is having a nice New Year/Morning/Evening/Week ^^

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